Osmotic Innovation is About the Office

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Break Out of the Cube

CNN has an in-depth look at what drives (and limits) creativity in an office design, tracking through a who’s who of innovation to tell the story. If you’ve never heard of the Action Office its well-worth the time to find out how things went so wrong.

Eight Ways Goofing Off Can Make You More Productive

Have you taken a break today? Forbes describes how mundane activities like talking with a coworker, going for a walk, or even brushing your teeth can give you a fresh perspective and help you work more efficiently.

How Innovation Works: Travel Edition

Not only are these innovations that will change the way you travel from Big Think interesting, it’s a great example of the myriad ways innovation can take form; including radical (maglev trains), disruptive (bike share), incremental (electric cars), and process (air traffic control).

The Day After Tomorrow

The New York Times recently compiled a list of new and unique innovations that will “change your tomorrow”. Take a look and see what they are