Dilli Haat

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Dilli Haat is a large open air market near the village Haat in New Delhi where you will find artisan crafts-work from all over the country. The market itself is of permanent status, however the vendors within the market function on a rotational basis of a maximum stay of 15 days. Before selling their wares in the market the vendors must complete a rigorous application process for approval and are assigned to certain areas based upon the state they are from.

IMG_6390Before entering the market as a visitor, one must purchase a daily ticket for 20 rupees. This fee supports the funding for the market, and helps to keep out the excessive crowds you become familiar with when visiting other open air markets throughout New Delhi.

I visited this market for a few hours yesterday and immediately noticed a big difference in the atmosphere here. Although there were still crowds of people, it was far from the chaotic world of Chandi Chowk. Walking through the various stalls of crafts, products and foods reminded me of a peaceful day at the park.

There were crafts from all corners of India, from hand loomed carpets, carved sandal wood, elaborately beaded mats, hand woven baskets, clothing, scarves, teas, bags, jewellery and more.


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