The Daily Crawl

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jakarta traffic2Jakarta is a big city, really big.  It’s metropolitan population is somewhere around 28 million ranking it about sixth in the world.  Unfortunately it is also one of the largest cities in the world without a significant public transport system making its travel delays unavoidable and traffic the first topic of most small talk.  The AIG was well aware of this fact in advance of our arrival and had planned accordingly, 2-3 hours commute allowed between appointments, lots of water in the backpacks etc. Planning and reality can differ however and the reality of what Jakarta traffic can really be like is astounding.  So far we have averaged between 7-8km/hr (5 mph) in the city, and have not even hit what the locals would call a “Macet”, a word Jakartans have invented for when the word “traffic” doesn’t really cut it.Daily Route

The Bicycle Rickshaw

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BRAll over Delhi, from the busiest freeways to the most crowded markets you can see bicycle rickshaws plying their trade.  This type of rickshaw has many benefits over other forms of Delhi transport not least the serene nature of the journey itself which brings involuntary smiles to the passengers.  Always wanting to reach a deeper level of understanding the AIG sent Kiwi out to investigate further which resulted in an ecstatic rickshaw owner finding himself being peddled around the market by what he could only assume was an insane tourist.  The verdict “this is a bloody hard job”.

The Tuk Tuk

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The Delhi metro may be the most efficient way to get around town, but it is not the most exciting. The tuk tuk takes that prize.

A three wheeled, open sided taxi intended to seat two (the AIG has seen otherwise however) tuk tuks can be found almost anywhere racing around the streets of Delhi.

Always remember to agree on fares prior to embarking on your trip, as unlike western taxis rates are negotiable. Be sure to drive a hard bargain as the finer skills of negotiation are nothing new to the tuk tuk driver.

Rumor has it if the price is right, the passenger is given a chance to drive. Stay tuned.


The Daily Commute

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Metro-01After fighting our way through crowds of TukTuk’s, taxi’s, buses and everything else imaginable on Delhi’s crowded streets the AIG team ventured underground and found a calm, efficient, modern oasis of a public transport system that would be the pride of Manhattan if relocated.

The Delhi Metro runs about every minute at rush hour, a fact discovered by the AIG when they missed the southbound Yellow Line by mere yards and began loudly bemoaning their bad luck…only to feel rather foolish as the next one rolled in within seconds.

The Delhi Metro opened in 2002 and is rapidly expanding which is a common theme in these parts.  No riding on the roof, ladies get their own carriage and photography is prohibited.