Osmotic Innovation is a term we use to describe our approach to product innovation.  Successful innovation in corporate environments is dependent upon having the right culture, its not “what you do” but “who is listening”.  Moreover, innovation to us is inherently a field exercise, staying at home wont get you what you want unless you want more of the same.  When you get the conditions right innovation will flow without energy.

Our blog is part travel, following our field researchers (sometimes referred to as AIG) as they work around the globe, and part academic, our thoughts on what it means to be innovative within a corporation and how this practice can be improved.  Hopefully you will find something thought provoking that will help you in your own endevours.

The Osmotic Innovation Team.

Osmosis:  a physical process in which any solvent moves, without input of energy, across a semipermeable membrane.  Waugh, A.; Grant, A. (2007). Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness. Edinburgh: Elsevier. pp. 25–26.

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