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Technologic Santa ClausIn the spirit of the holiday season, Osmotic Innovation thought we’d give you a new take on an old standby, the best gifts of 2012. Of course, we’ll be tackling it from a unique angle – showing you the Most Innovative Gifts of 2012.


The original breathing huggable pet. Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to own a real pet. Say goodbye to vet bills and food, these stuffed animals are soft, huggable, and breathe. Why it is innovative: recognizing that regular stuffed animals are stand-ins for the real thing and that one of the great experiences of owning a pet is having it lull you to sleep with its breathing this company found its niche – combining the two.

Street Legal Airplane

Say goodbye to lines at the airport – or even having to park at the airport. With the Transition you can fly your car (or drive your plane). Why it is innovative: listening to the customer – private pilots – Terrafugia made its position in the market by providing a real solution to the problems of plane transport, storage, and weather issues delaying travel.

A Trip to the Moon

Forget Ibiza or Jakarta, for the person who truly has been everywhere there is only one trip left: the Moon. Why it is innovative: The critics would say its expensive (putting it mildly!) and that the market is small. We see a market pioneer establishing themselves as the leader in tourism to one of the last frontiers.

Personal Levitation System

For yacht owner who really wants to make waves MS Watersports GmbH offers the Jetlev-Flyer JF-260: a carbon fiber 260 HP 4-stroke flying machine. Why it is innovative: For a generation weaned on James Bond and action sports vacation isn’t complete without some adventure. The Jetlev gives people a safe and exciting way to have an exhilarating experience.

Home Aquaponic Farm

We’ve all got that friend who lives off the grid. Unleash their full potential with an aquaponic system, allowing them to grow fish and vegetables sustainably, even through the Mayan apocalypse. Why it is innovative: In a world with resources that seem more scarce by the day finding ways to do more with less is important to many consumers. Home Aquaponic kits, supplies, and know-how are a valuable commodity that capitalizes on a trend toward more sustainable living.

One thing that all these gifts share is an appreciation for their customer – finding new benefits and opportunities that their target customer want or need. That’s what we’re all doing, regardless how strange or unique the list here might seem.

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