Osmotic Innovation is Training Hard and Taking Time Off

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Be a Business Olympian

Bernard Tyson explains why you must train harder and push yourself further than the competition to win the business Olympics. Take some of these lessons to heart and aim for the gold medal of your industry.

Boost Creativity – Hire Social Rejects

As summarized in this post appearing on The Creativity Post blog three new studies seem to show that a positive correlation seems to exist between rejection or uniqueness and creativity. Indeed, it makes some sense as well that those unafraid of rejection are likely to share more creative or risky ideas. Does your organization tolerate rejects?

Take Time Off to Get More Done

In this post from Big Think the idea that idleness or down time is actually a boost to getting work done is tackled. The theory rests on the idea the productivity occurs in cycles and that trying to be too production is actually counter-productive. Unfortunately the 4 hour workday is not on the horizon.

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