Osmotic Innovation is Back from Vacation

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The Innovation Vacation

This piece in the Washington Post is focused on small business owners but should remind all of us that taking a break can be great to find energy and new ideas, as well as reinvigorating your spirit and allowing you to focus on the big picture.

The Problem-Solving Paradox of Creativity

Ever needed to find a creative solution to a critical issue facing your team? The harder you dive into it, the less likely you are to find a solution. Jeffrey Davis at The Creativity Post takes a stab at what mind-state allows you to capture creativity.

Find the Time to Innovate

Typically when faced with innovation challenges, we begin to hear numerous variations of the excuse “I don’t have time”. In this article written by Braden Kelley, some suggestions to overcome this universal problem are provided.

Think Like a Genius

In a Michael Michalko article appearing on The Creativity Post, we learn what thinking strategies are used by creative genius’ to drive forward. This is full of great strategies that can turn your next innovation or problem-solving session on its head!


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